A powerful approach to helping clients accomplish what they want with their money.

Teaching powerful financial principles

This unique training for financial planners helps you build a solid, sustainable foundation for your clients so they can become – and remain – financially free. 

You cannot underemphasize the power of a strong financial foundation.

Empowering clients to make important decisions

Why choose PBFP training? Because the goal is to make personal finance more simple. Teach your clients how to become financially free, make life plans, and become the financial advisor they trust most.

The world needs planners, not prognosticators

We cannot predict the future needs of each client, but, frankly, we shouldn’t have to. 

Instead, we empower our clients by teaching them principles that give them the ability to evaluate and make better financial choices. 

That’s where YOU come in.

Become a principles-based financial planner

Discover how to empower your clients and increase their trust in you through PBFP training. 

With this training, we will teach you the powerful, and extremely effective, step-by-step process of Principles-Based Planning™.

Powerful training that includes powerful tools

Personal Financial SnapshotTM is the only principles-based planning software on the market.

It’s also the most effective at simplifying a client’s entire financial situation and helping them understand how to implement the principles into their own lives.

See how this training can add value to your services:

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A more effective way to reach financial goals

Learn how you can utilize the Personal Financial Snapshot™ to empower your clients' financial foundation and build better client experiences.